When I cried alone
in the darkness of my night
You called my name


One More Look

again the silly crow
flies over the puddle
oh, vanity!


SkunkPersonal Note:

My 100-word fiction tale, A Friend Drops By, was published on The Drabble e-zine yesterday. Lovers of nature will enjoy this humorous tale. Click here to read.


Note to Ron E:
I’ve sent you several e-mails; the last one came back “Undeliverable.” Maybe you can contact me at and we can get back on track again.

Call Home!

I second-guess myself a lot when writing verses, wondering if I should leave it open to interpretation or narrow the focus a bit. The poem I just published, News, is much more open or vague. Here’s my more focused version. Which one do you think is better?

News #2

hope loses the way
in mists of worry when news
of loved ones is scarce