NaNoWriMo tale
dazzles my mind all day
such bright ideas


loves won, wars fought
a million villains challenge
November writers


I’m spinning out my children’s story, thankful for those bright ideas peculating in my brain. I’ve made it to 37k words now, so can relax and remember I have a house to clean and blogs wanting new posts.

For any of you who are also doing NaNoWriMo, you’ll know what a challenge it is to get your characters in and out of a stew while your daily “To-do list” goes to pot. 🙂  To everyone who’s following this blog, a big “Thank You” for your patience while I nail my Fifty-thousand words award. 🙂



strange cat in the woods
wanders abandoned
magpies scream the news


stray kitten peers in
cries for warm home, affection
we run from kindness